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Landcraft Paint the Town Red – June 2011

Our latest summer social took the form of a woodland encounter with gun slingers who shoot from the hip; Paintball was the order of the day.

The evening?s events took place just outside Cardiff at a local paintball venue in woodland near Cowbridge. With the chance to settle some old scores and legally shoot the boss, the evening was well attended.

Several well organised battles took place. The action was frantic, and we all soon worked out the rules of engagement. Namely there was only one rule; ?there are no rules? except don?t run out of ammunition or lose all the paintballs on the floor.

The Gun Fight at the OK Corral ensued followed by A Fist Full of Dollars, or at least something more akin to A Fist Full of Paint Balls!

Everyone took turns shooting everyone else and everyone got shot many times ending up covered from head to foot in paint.

Any individuals found guilty of ?not playing fair?, namely shooting people in the back from close range or generally holding back were dealt with by means of a ?turkey shoot? no need to mention people by name!

After establishing who the turkeys (or chickens) were, swift and just punishment was served.

The final game took the form of ?last man standing? or keep shooting everyone else until all the paintballs had run out, then get off the ?battlefield? as quickly as possible.

Following the final battlefield skirmish it was time to beat a hasty retreat to the nearest pub for a chance to re-enact some of the evening?s encounters, count up all the inflicted bruises and call up some liquid reinforcements.

Clint Eastwood eat your heart out!

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